Whatever your children go on to do in the future, IT skills will be essential for use in their careers or personal lives.


We endeavour to teach your child the vast potential of ICT but also how to remain safe. With this in mind, children are taught skills and become familiar with programs in increasing depth that allow them to:


Word process, use and create spreadsheets and databases, create graphs and multimedia presentations, communicate online, edit photographs, carry out simple programming and develop their ability to touch type.


A dedicated ICT suite of 18 computers is available, where each pupil from Class 3 upwards receives at least one specialist ICT lesson a week. Each child has their own password protected profile that they can personalise. This suite is also available for cross-curriculum teaching.


A web based typing club has been introduced which allows children from Form VI to practise their touch typing skills at school and at home and their progress monitored. 


In addition, our pupils are educated on safe and responsible use of the internet during ICT lessons. We aim to ensure they understand the risks associated with a range of online situations whils using computers both at school and at home and how to minimise these risks.


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