Access to Risky Areas 1/5/19

Access to School Premises 1/5/19

Accessibility and Disability Plan 1/5/18

After School Care Summer 2019

Aims, Admissions, Ethos, Discipline Exclusion and Attendance and Policy to Promote Good Behaviour including EYFS and U2s 

Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Abuse 1/5/19

Anti Bullying 1/8/19

Behaviour Policy

Boarding Staff Handbook 1/9/18

Boarding Information Handbook for Boarders 1/5/18

Boarding Information Handbook for Parents 1/5/19

Boarding job Description for Matron

Boarding job Description for Girls' Floor

Boarding job Description for Boys' Floor

Boarding Dept Statement of Principles and Practice 1/4/18

Care of Unwell Boarders 1/5/19

Children Missing in Education 1/9/18

Complaints Policy incorporating EYFS, U2s and Boarding 

Confidentiality and Information Sharing including EYFS and U2s

Curriculum Policy 1/5/19

Data Protecion Policy including EYFS and U2s

Early Help Policy including EYFS and U2s

Equality and Diversity - Provision for Pupils with Particular Religious, Dietary, Language or Cultural Needs including EYFS and U2s

E-Safety Policy 1/9/18

EYFS Bad Weather Policy 1/5/19

EYFS and U2s Confidentiality Policy 1/9/18


EYFS and U2s Food and Drink Policy 1/5/19

EYFS and U2s Key Person Policy 1/5/19

EYFS and U2s  Medication Policy 1/9/18

EYFS and U2s Mobile Phones and Camera Policy 

EYFS and U2s Policy Morning and Evening Collection Policy 


EYFS Outings Policy 1/5/19

EYFS Parent or Carer/Nursery/EYFS Partnership Policy 1/5/19

EYFS and U2s  Risk Assessment Policy

EYFS and U2s Sleeping Babies/Toddler Policy 1/5/19

EYFS Student and Volunteer Policy 1/5/19

EYFS and U2s Toileting and Nappy-Changing Policy 1/5/19

EYFS Transition Policy 1/5/19


First Aid Policy (including EYFS and U2s) 

Fire Risk Assessment Pre-Prep 2018

Fire Risk Assessment Prep School 2018

Fire Risk Assessment Accommodation 2018

Gillick Competence 1/5/19


Health and Safety including EYFS and U2s

Independent Listener 1/4/18


Information for Parents including EYFS and U2s

Information for Parents of Boarders 1/9/18

ISI Report 2019

Keeping Children Safe in Education Part 1

List of First Aiders 01/04/19


Marking and Assessment Policy

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Missing Child Policy (including EYFS and U2s)  1/5/19

Off-site visits 1/5/19

Peer on Peer Abuse 1/9/18


PSHE Policy 2017-19

PSHE KS1 and KS2 Planning 2019

PSHE KS3 Planning 2019

2d PHSEE Scheme of Work for PSHEE April 18

Policy for enabling Pupils to take Problems or Concerns to Staff 1/9/18

Pre-Prep Behaviour Policy including EYFS and U2s

Prefect Duties, Powers and Responsibilities 1/5/19

Pupil Attainment Data

Recording and Reporting Accidents including EYFS and U2s

Recruitment Policy 1/5/19

Risk Assessment Policy 1/5/19

Risk Assessment School Vehicle 1/5/19

Safeguarding (Child Protection Policy) 1/9/18

Safety and Supervision on School Journeys 1/5/19

School Records Retention Policy 1/4/18

School Rules 1/5/19

Sex and Relationships 1/5/19

Special Needs Policy and EAL for EYFS and U2s

Staff Code of Conduct Policy 1/5/19


Staff Disciplinary Procedure 1/9/18

Staff Dress Code 1/5/19

Staff Equality and Diversity 1/4/18

Staff Handbook 01/02/19

Staff Medication Policy 1/5/19


Staff Grievance Policy 1/5/19

Staff Induction, Training and Development Policy 1/5/18

Summary of Attainment Data 


Supervision of pupils including EYFS  and U2s

Privacy Notice for Staff

Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers

Privacy Notice for Pupils in Form VI

Prospectus 2019

Pupil Performance

Use of Reasonable Force 1/9/18

Whistleblowing Policy 1/5/19


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