Access to Risky Areas 1/11/19

Access to School Premises 1/5/19

Accessibility and Disability Plan 1/5/18

After School Care Summer 2019

Aims, Admissions, Ethos, Discipline Exclusion and Attendance and Policy to Promote Good Behaviour including EYFS and U2s 

Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Abuse 1/5/19

Anti Bullying 1/8/19

Behaviour Policy

Boarding Staff Handbook 1/9/18

Boarding Information Handbook for Boarders 1/5/18

Boarding Information Handbook for Parents 1/5/19

Boarding job Description for Matron

Boarding job Description for Girls' Floor

Boarding job Description for Boys' Floor

Boarding Dept Statement of Principles and Practice 1/4/18

Care of Unwell Boarders 1/11/19

Children Missing in Education 1/9/18

Complaints Policy incorporating EYFS, U2s and Boardin1/11/19

Confidentiality and Information Sharing including EYFS and U2s

Curriculum Policy 1/11/19

Data Protecion Policy including EYFS and U2s 1/11/19 

Early Help Policy including EYFS and U2s 1/11/19

Equality and Diversity - Provision for Pupils with Particular Religious, Dietary, Language or Cultural Needs including EYFS and U2s

E-Safety Policy 1/9/18

EYFS Bad Weather Policy 1/5/19

EYFS and U2s Confidentiality Policy 1/11/19


EYFS and U2s Food and Drink Policy 1/11/19

EYFS and U2s Key Person Policy 1/11/19

EYFS and U2s  Medication Policy 1/11/19

EYFS and U2s Mobile Phones and Camera Policy 1/11/19 

EYFS and U2s Policy Morning and Evening Collection Policy 1/11/19


EYFS Outings Policy 1/11/19

EYFS Parent or Carer/Nursery/EYFS Partnership Policy 1/11/19

EYFS and U2s  Risk Assessment Policy 1/11/19

EYFS and U2s Sleeping Babies/Toddler Policy 1/5/19

EYFS Student and Volunteer Policy 1/11/19

EYFS and U2s Toileting and Nappy-Changing Policy 1/11/19

EYFS Transition Policy 1/11/19


First Aid Policy (including EYFS and U2s) 1/11/19

Fire Risk Assessment Pre-Prep 2018

Fire Risk Assessment Prep School 2018

Fire Risk Assessment Accommodation 2018

Gillick Competence 1/11/19


Health and Safety including EYFS and U2s 1/11/19

Independent Listener 1/4/18


Information for Parents including EYFS and U2s 1/11/19

Information for Parents of Boarders 1/9/18

ISI Report 2019

Keeping Children Safe in Education Part 1

List of First Aiders 01/04/19


Marking and Assessment Policy

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Missing Child Policy (including EYFS and U2s)  1/11/19

Off-site visits 1/5/19

Pandemic Policy 1/11/19

Peer on Peer Abuse 1/11/19


PSHE Policy 2017-19

PSHE KS1 and KS2 Planning 2019

PSHE KS3 Planning 2019

2d PHSEE Scheme of Work for PSHEE April 18

Policy for enabling Pupils to take Problems or Concerns to Staff 1/9/18

Pre-Prep Behaviour Policy including EYFS and U2s 1/11/19

Prefect Duties, Powers and Responsibilities 1/5/19

Pupil Attainment Data

Recording and Reporting Accidents including EYFS and U2s 1/11/19

Recruitment Policy 1/5/19

Risk Assessment Policy 1/5/19

Risk Assessment School Vehicle 1/5/19

Safeguarding (Child Protection Policy) 1/9/19

Safety and Supervision on School Journeys 1/5/19

School Records Retention Policy 1/4/18

School Rules 1/5/19

Sex and Relationships 1/11/19

Special Needs Policy and EAL for EYFS and U2s

Staff Code of Conduct Policy 1/5/19


Staff Disciplinary Procedure 1/11/19

Staff Dress Code 1/5/19

Staff Equality and Diversity 1/4/18

Staff Handbook 01/02/19

Staff Medication Policy 1/11/19


Staff Grievance Policy 1/5/19

Staff Induction, Training and Development Policy 1/5/18

Summary of Attainment Data 


Supervision of pupils including EYFS  and U2s 1/11/19

Privacy Notice for Staff

Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers

Privacy Notice for Pupils in Form VI

Prospectus 2019

Pupil Performance

Use of Reasonable Force 1/9/18

Whistleblowing Policy 1/11/19


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